1. The Destination: Consider the location carefully before selecting a workation destination. Think about factors such as the weather, connectivity, and local amenities, as well as any personal preferences or interests you may have.
  2. Budget: Keep in mind that workation destinations can vary significantly in terms of cost. Consider your budget and whether you want to splurge on a luxury destination or opt for a more budget-friendly option.
  3. Type of WorkStay: Read about the WorkStay and it's reviews by people who have stayed there. Every one has their own prefernce for type of place to stay in.Few people like luxury partments and few prefer to choose cottage or may be a homestay but the primary thing to look for is that the room should have a proper setting for Woorking for long durations.
  4. Connectivity: We have made sure that all our workstays have reliable internet connectivity, as this will be crucial for your work. We have also chosen the places where mobile network is also available to facilitate calls and meetings.
  5. Activities: Consider the activities and attractions available in the destination, as well as any personal interests or hobbies you may have. Look for destinations that offer a good balance of work and leisure opportunities.
  6. Length of stay: Determine the length of your workation based on your work and vacation needs. Consider whether you want a short, intensive workation or a longer, more leisurely trip.